Thursday, February 18, 2010

Heatwave in the South

Being true to my weather obsessed Canadian self, I must dedicate a post to todays fabulous weather. It got upto a balmy 42F (+6C) with bright sunshine. You'd think I was in sunshinney Alberta with weather like this minus the Rocky mountains. This has been an unusually cold cold winter here in the friendly south (I wish I could type out the southern drawl).. I'm frankly ready for summer. (who needs Spring?)

Celebrated by making a trip out to Trader Joes.

I heart Trader Joes- You just cannot go wrong with a purchase from this store. So readers, tell me, what are some of your favourite TJ indulgances? For me, it's the cheese and the masala burger patties and the pesto sauce and TJ milk chocolate and well, the list goes on. However, today's mucho special purchase- Pink Lady apples!!! WOOT!!!! I have not seen these apples outside of Calgary, so I had to get the bag. Apples and Peanut Butter (or Nutella) make a great lil snack, y'all.


  1. We have Pink Lady apples at Meijer (chain grocery store) - I'm surprised you only have them at TJ

  2. good to know, KV. I've not seen them at Publix or Kroger where I normally shop so I was excited!

  3. LOVE the blog my dear! Apples are SOOOO much better up north (MI apples were amazing), but the pink ladies are widely available in NC now. At TJ's, I adore that wall of cheap wine. My hubby loves the Japanese green tea ice cream ball things in the freezer isle - not my favorite. Oh, and the hummus!

  4. thank you Ash!!! I am enjoying the blogging so far. Wall of wine goodness at TJ is by far the best thing, IF they sell wine where you live. Unfortunately not here :(. I'm not really an apple person so am ultra picky about the variety I eat!


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