Saturday, March 13, 2010

Runny Eggs Rant

This is more of a rant if nothing else. If eggs gross you out, don't read further.

I just don't understand the fascination with runny eggs. By runny , I mean the "over easy " or poached kind. They are one step away from breaking an egg into a glass and chugging it. Eeeeew. Why does half the planet love them so much especially the food critics and food judges on all those cooking shows? Is it beautiful? No. I cringe everytime I hear someone go "I love the way the smoothness of the egg goes so well with the rest of the dish.. it's a beautful creamy sauce". EEEWWWW. NO!!!! It's not a sauce, it's a flowy runny egg. YUCK.

There used to be a short order cook at one of the companies I worked for who just could not make the right kind of fried egg. I like mine so the yolk is NOT runnny (in case you haven't figured that out by now, :eyeroll:). I always specified at the beginning of my order- please cook the egg till it's well done. And then I took the sandwich back to my desk, and what do I find in between the pieces of buttered brown toast? Yup, you guessed it. I think this is one my biggest pet peeves food related.

Eggs are amazing in an omlette, baked goods, crepes, scrambled and even hard boiled. But half cooked with runny yolks? Not a chance. I don't care what the food gods think, they are just plain gross. Something even ketchup can't fix.

Ok now back to your regularly scheduled programming. :-P


  1. I totally agree. Nick loves them running - it's all I can do to even cook them this way. I've actually be so grossed out that I can't eat my scrambled eggs just from watching him eat his, toss mine in the trash, and reach for a box of cereal.

  2. Ash- yeah no kidding. Cereal has more texture anyway :P


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