Thursday, April 22, 2010

Happy Earth Day!

Earth Day celebrations were held in Nashville this past Saturday April 17th. It was my first year attending this event at Centennial Park.

What a great day for it too! The organizers did a fantastic job. There were booths and stalls of everything environment related- how to conserve energy, recycling tips, solar panels, SMART car and so on. We met with local farmers. I stood in the "kids line" and got myself a couple of little soil samples with seeds planted (tomatoes and basil). I'm excited about being able to hopefully develop the garden/veggie patch this summer.  If nothing else, then definitely a herb patch. I love fresh herbs.

Any recommendations on a herb patch plan? Should I start them out indoors in pots and then move them outdoors? Clearly I have a lot of research to do about gardening but maybe some of you out there can offer this beginner some tips.

I learnt about CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) where you essentially buy a piece of land from a farmer for the summer and get part of the produce cultivated on that land. I've heard of it before but wasn't sure if it was doable for just 2 of us (DH and I) and if we would end up with wasted produce each week.

The freshly squeezed lemonade hit the spot on a warm summer day 

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