Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Flooded out...

I've been absent from here last little while.... A lot has happenned in just the last one week. Here's the run down

May 1, 7am- I'm suppossed to run a 5K as a way of celebrating my birthday but the weather Gods had other plans. Pouring pouring rain. Race gets cancelled due to tornado watch, thunder, lightning and heavy rain reducing visibility to near zero.

May 1- rest of the day- rain rain rain rain, want to go out to Birthday Dinner but entrance to our community is blocked off by cops due to flooding. The golf course opposite is flooded.  water water everywhere.....

May 2 - 3am - DH wakes up to check the water levels, street looks dry

May 2 - 7am - We wake up to find water 5 feet from our doorstep. The whole street was a freakin river.

The rest of May 2 went by as a blur. We spent time trying to rescue what we could from the ground floor before water got into the house. Several attempts to call 911 and reach friends and have them call 911 on our behalf. If you were lucky you actually got to speak to 911. If not tough luck, we kept trying. Power went out at 9am and our cell phones started running out of battery. More rain more rain. It did not let up one bit. The water level inside the home started rising and soon maxed out at near 5 feet.  With each inch of water rising, I was panicking. Did anyone out there know this was going on? Were we going to get help on time? I yelled out through our back window facing other homes for help. Occasionally I heard someone yell back.. that made me feel better to know there were people out there in same "boat" so to speak. There was quite a bit of praying involved. I kept thinking I was in a bad nightmare. The pictures tell the whole story.

May 2 , 3:30pm - Got rescued by 3 guys in a boat. The sound of that motor boat was such music to our ears. They volunteers in the boat were shivering in the cold as they had been doing this for some time.  They "docked" the boat just below our second floor window where the water level had reached near our front door level and we jumped out of the window.

We checked into a friend's house right after we were rescued and have been here since.

May 3, 4 and going forward  -  the recovery process has started...... when will it end?

Soon. I hope.

Start of a new life for DH and I....


  1. Reading this freaked me out a bit - so scary. I'm glad you're fine, and it sounds like you have a good attitude about it. If you need anything at all please let me know, ok? And if you want to rest your bones for a few days in NC give me a call!

  2. awwww phew yes its quite freaky. I did not realize the seriousness until I saw the images and just read about it now. I have heard so much about floods back here, but first time hearing from somebody so close. I hope the floods have receded completely and you folks fix up your stuff. hope some aid/compensation comes in.

  3. Sooooo sorry you had to experience this Deepa! Just reading about this gives me the chills, I cannot possibly imagine how you managed! I'm sending you positive energy, love and super human strength so you can pull yourselves together.

  4. My home is your home 24/7 if you need to get away from it all for a bit! Down in Charlotte, NC. The photos are keeping me grounded in the reality of what's going on in TN. Glad you're getting the wet out ASAP - fingers crossed the mold stays far far away!

    Post replacement things you might need or where we might be able to send you some items to help you through, mkay? There's a BUNCH of us I'm sure who need a good excuse to pour through our storage and let go of some things we're not using. At least it would help carry you through while you replace the big stuff.


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