Wednesday, July 28, 2010

What's a vacation without good food?

Ok, make that kick-ass, home made, gourmet, all rolled in one culinary experience!!!

I enjoyed yummy homemade meals made by mom, both at home and during our road trip to southern Alberta's Waterton Park and Drumheller. No Mcdonalds or TacoBell takeout for us. I'm talking wraps, puli sadam, pongal, gotsu, adais...... all picnic style!

Friday June 26th was Stampede Parade- R and I come home from the parade, famished to this-

Dal, cream corn curry with foccaccia bread, and fresh watermelon, cuke salad 

Other yummacious homemade creations that were whipped up were
Deconstructed Masala Dosa
Lentil/Rice crepes with a potato curry (filling). On the side is a  healthy dose of molaga podi (chilli powder)

Is a breakfast place that serves amazing feel good breakfast- pancakes, waffles, a mountain of fresh fruit, yogurt parfaits, anything you could want to start off your day. The decor is super cheery and fun and colourful you can't help but have a good time. It's a Montreal based chain that is slowly finding it's way to  other parts of Canada.  Bon Apetit!
Just what my friend E and I needed before a long day of shopping at Ikea!

Multigrain toast with scrambled eggs and a pile of fruit. 
Oh and roasted potatoes on the side. :)

Another popular All Canadian style dining- featuring a good mix of Asian style noodles, Italian pasta, and some interesting burgers and pizza. This appetizer really stood out. I've never had this before and it had me at roasted garlic. Hehehe.

The Casbah

Moroccon Cuisine... I ordered the veggie version of a tagine.

Khoudra Tajine-  Seasonal vegetables, preserved lemon, and olives in a saffron sauce.

This was an interesting dish- a touch salty for me because of the preserved lemon (which we eat in India with yogurt rice as a condiment) and the olives. The spices were mediterranean.. oregano and something I couldn't quite put my finger on. It didn't come with bread or anything so it didn't quite feel like a full entree. The service was terrible - the waiter was super cocky and s.l.o.w in bringing out our drinks and food.  R had the couscous with veggies.

Khoudra Tagine
And lastly, the day before I left Calgary- I got to sink my teeth into ......


Aaaaallll iiiizzzzz welll!!!!!

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  1. Nice posting Deepa:) would like to try out bf @ CORA's one day.....Cous cous looks appetizing indeed you have the recipe??
    I like the name you have given -'deconstructed dosa'


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