Sunday, June 26, 2011

Scallion Pancakes

The story behind this experiment started last week when someone on the forum posted a recipe for a scallion cake because they got a ton of it in their CSA basket. I clicked on the recipe and instantly, just by looking at it, I was transported to more than 10 years ago to the little town of Lloydminster, AB where my parents used to live while I went to college. (Yay, UofS! ). Anyway, Lloyd had this one Chinese restaurant that used to provide "ethnic" food for the town. It was a very very popular place, I mean come on, one restaurant for an entire town to satisfy Asian cravings... the elderly man and his wife who ran it did a great job.  I remember ordering these scallion pancakes and eating them like I'd discovered some new food group.

So I went back to university and during one grocery trip shopping (which in itself was an experience back then :rolleyes: ) what do I find in the frozen section of Superstore? These amazing scallion pancakes! Not as yummy as the ones prepared by Chinese uncle in Lloyd but I was a student an hardly picky. I ate them.

Fast forward to last week when I was drooling over the picture on this website.....I won't even bother typing up the recipe. You can get it here. She does a much better job with explaining each stage of the process with really nice pictures.  I served mine with a veggie-tofu stirfry.

A little messiness is worth it...


-  YUMMY YUMMY!!! Must try!
-  It came out good but I could have added a bit more salt to the dough.
-  Rolling out the dough was the hardest part because it got super sticky super fast. Not sure what caused it but it wasn't as easy as rolling out chappati dough, probably because of the yeast.
-  I didn't use 1 cup of chopped scallions for 1 1/2 cups of dough as in the original recipe... just a little more than 1/2 cup.  I found the more scallions I added, the harder it was to roll out once in a ball.. the dough broke easy. :-(
-  I might try it next time with a whole wheat/multigrain/AP flour mix.


  1. I've never had anything like that.....looks tasty!

  2. looks very yummy Deepa...oh yeah...I very vividly remember those days!;)I think they have listed it as "onion cake" in their menu. Becos' of the very high starch content in maida , it sure is a challenge to manage the dough!:(..probably a mix of MG baking mix and maida will be more manageable..very proud of your efforts tho';)

  3. Looks very yummy Deepa!:) ...becos of its high starch content maida is ALWAYS sticky..a mix of MG baking mix with maida will certainly make it more manageable...very proud of your efforts though!;)..keep it going...
    oh yeah...I very vividly remember those days in Lloyd..hahaha.:)


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