Thursday, March 25, 2010

Bread FAIL!

Couple weeks back I tried baking bread from scratch. I followed a fairly simple recipe involving yeast, flour, sugar, etc.

It didn't work. :-(

I think the water in which I mixed the yeast in was too warm. The end result tasted like bread but not soft enough. Or maybe the yeast was too old (over a year I'm sure). I ended up making breadcrumbs with the loaf.

I don't have a breadmaker.

Last week I tried making Irish Soda Bread- also another disaster. Turned out to be tough as a rock.

'Nuff Said.

I've not given up... Any tips y'all got for making the perfect loaf for a rookie bread maker?


  1. I make bread aaaaall the time and here's my tip. Never proof the yeast like the recipe says to. Just put the yeast in with everything else, add your warm water/milk/etc. last. It is much easier and works like a charm. To determine hot water, I stick my finger in the water. I want it to feel hot, but not so hot I can't keep my finger in the water, ya know? Keep trying. And do get some fresh yeast packets my dear....

  2. ok will try mixing it all together and try again. do u have a recipe that you can send me? what about whole wheat flour.. the recipe i have is AP flour and i'd like to use ww.

  3. I have a couple I can soon as I unpack them! I'm closing on a house on Tuesday (Jess and I like to do things 100% at the same time it seems, lol) so I have no access to cooking things for a while.

    USUALLY, you have to do a wheat starter to do whole wheat breads. Sort of like a sourdough starter, but not so long. You can sometimes mix your flour 50/50 and it can come out well, but it depends on the bread. WW flours usually also call for more yeast, so you'll want to be sure to have enough at home to start.

    Until I get my recipes back, I'd try or random searches for breads. The basic recipes should be easily found online.

  4. it's funny you posted this comment now.. there was a long discussion on yeast and flour and roll making on the running forum you may have heard about.

    at least i'm motivated to try bread making again. :p

    good luck with the closing and the move!! you are a busy gal!


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