Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Bread Upma (homemade bread at last!)

I attempted to bake bread last week and this time I tried a few different things based on advice from different people.

1.  I used only AP flour. No whole wheat. I know it's not the healthiest option but I want to get the bread right one time with regular flour and then add complications. 
2.  I threw in the packet yeast with the flour and milk and warm water. 
3.  A different technique to let the dough rise - I placed the dough inside the oven with a container of boiling water in the lower rack. This creates moisture and heat needed for the yeast to activate.

The bread turned out pretty good- though not perfect but a huge improvement over the first time. 

Moving on, I wanted to make something different with the bread the following day. As I skyping with my sister, it suddenly dawned on me- BREAD UPMA!!!! I've not eaten this in over a year mostly because it's boring to make with regular store bought bread but this time the star of the show was produced in my oven. So it deserved to be made into something awesome! 

Bread Upma (pronounced oop-ma) is a dish made by sauteeing veggies, chilli powder and bread. That's it. That simple. But comforting. I have no translation for Upma. sorry :-(

Bread Upma


*  one small loaf or 5-6 slices of bread cut into crouton sizes
*  1 tsp cayenne 
*  1/2 tsp cumin seeds
*  1 cup frozen veggie mix or cut up fresh veggies- carrots, green peas, green beans
*  1 medium potato chopped small
*  1 small onion chopped


1.  In a large sautee pan, sautee cumin seeds and onion and potato for 5-10 minutes over medium heat.

2.  Add the bread and allow it to toast up nicely..Add a bit of butter for that yummy buttery taste.  Add the cayenne and mix well.  You could add garam masala too but I just stick to cayenne.

3.  Spread the bread out evenly on the pan and allow it to brown up nicely. 

4.  Add the frozen veggies and continue to sautee the entire mixture till veggies are cooked and bread is toasty.  

Bon apetit!


  1. A dish of bread? I am in love!

    I rise my bread in the microwave (it's built in) with the light turned on underneath to heat up the space some. Works really well! I never had luck with the oven trick, but I blame my history of terrible ovens. Perhaps I should try now that I'm in my new digs with a brand new oven...

  2. yum.... your pics always look good!

  3. mmmm..looks yum:)I use curry powder instead of gm and it tastes good....and a final garnish with cilantro enhances the aroma. The weekend edition of the Herald had recipes of coconut chutney and sambhar:)


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