Monday, April 12, 2010

Fun Flatbread(s)

I am having fun with my latest kitchen craze- bread/dough making. Yeah yeah  not all dough is the same, I realize that but for my humble, novice purposes,  bread dough is the same as pizza dough is the same as flatbread dough yada yada yada.....

Since my previous attempt resulted in moderate success, that was enough to encourage me to keep going. So couple days back I had an epiphany *insert dramatic dream music* to make flatbread. Flatbread is a rustic, free style thin bread that you can eat as is or decorate with several wonderful toppings. Recently I saw Bobby Flay make flatbread on the grill- looked like something interesting and hey it was an opportunity for me to try out something new!

1.  Layer up the sauce, add toppings and cheese
2.  Bake at 400F for 20 minutes and enjoy with a cold beverage!

I came up with a couple different kinds- 

Ricotta-Pesto Flatbread


- Ricotta cheese
- Pesto - I used readymade from TJ
- Zuchinni- thinly sliced
- few florets of broccoli 
- lots of black pepper

Marinara Flatbread


*  green olives
*  red onions
*  yellow peppers 
*  mozzarella cheese
*  marinara sauce
*  dried oregano


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