Thursday, July 1, 2010

Happy Canada Day!!

Happy Birthday to the Greatest Country in the World!!!!

I'm a touch late in updating this post but I had a wonderful time celebrating Canada's 143rd Birthday this year. In the morning, I followed most of the celebrations taking place on Parliament Hill in Ottawa on TV... brought back so many memories of my years of living there. This year the Queen was visiting Canada so that made it a bit more special. :) I recollect spending the entire day on the Hill, in the heat and humidity watching the RCMP Horse Parade, the arriving of all the dignitaries and singing of Oh Canada, walk over to Hull, QC enjoying live music, finally ending with spectacular fireworks over the Rideau Canal. Truly  a party atmosphere!

Later in the day, I took a ride downtown Calgary to Prince's Island Park where the festivities were on in full swing. Live music, dance, tons of food stalls, and a whole lot of Canadian pride. The Maple Leaf was flying high and strong, the citizens came out in their best Canadiana to celebrate. The day started out gloomy and cold but by late afternoon the sun was shining and icecream was the fast selling treat of the day! I had my share while settling down on the grass and enjoying the live music.

They had Empanadas too!!!

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