Monday, June 28, 2010

Musings from the 'True North Strong and Free'

It's been over a week since I got to Calgary. I'm feeling line-itemy today so my update will reflect that mood.

- I've been thoroughly enjoying home cooked food ever since I got here.. It's really pointless to talk about it so just take a look at the few pics I remembered to click before diving right in.

Chappati with dal and aloo-methi and  carrot/apple/cuke salad

- Met up with good friends.. the time passed by so quick. Dinner. Dessert. Much conversation. Definitely vacation material.  So it's not criminal I indulge in this while on vacation is it?
Chocolate cheesecake with fudge sauce
- I've driven up and down the once familiar routes to the coffee shop, mall, grocery store :) Good times. :)

- The weather has been fantastic - sunny and in the mid to upper 70s and even getting into the 80s last 3 days. The garden at home here is doing well.. I will post a picture later when everything is in full bloom.
With the daytime "heat" comes afternoon thunderstorms that last all of maybe 10 minutes. So it's very common for rainbows to make an appearance.

- And as promised, I've made a few culinary creations of my own for my parents to try out... and thankfully the response has been very positive. YAY ME!! There's more to come though as the crowd at home gets larger shortly. 

- Everyone is so polite in Canada. really. It seems like the cashier at superstore really cares to know how your day is going. Same with the guy who made my Subway sandwich today. (don't ask why I ate Subway on vacation, but I just did). That's what makes Canadians, Canadians. 

- I'm lining up Stampede Breakfasts on my calender. The Calgary Stampede  starts July 9th with the grand Parade downtown and then the free pancake breakfasts kick off throughout the city. It needs careful planning. I wonder how many I will hit up this year. By the time I'm done I may not want to see pancakes for a long time :P  Oh no!!!

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