Friday, January 7, 2011

Destination India!

This year our trip to the motherland was a very short one- 4 days in Hyderabad for R's work and 10 odd days in Chennai hanging out with the fam.  As always, food is a big part of any trip to India so have fun browsing and try not to drool too much, k? ;-)

Pretty Traditonal Indian meal
 Rotis, a vegetable curry, rasam- a tamarind/tomato brothy soup 
and Nei (browned butter)
Hyderabadi Chicken Biryani
Indian fried rice - Chicken,  spices and Basmati Rice cooked to perfection
The next few pictures are from this restaurant, Kangan which was in our hotel in Hyderabad. Kangan sort of translates to "bracelet". Our waiter informed us that every lady diner gets a free handmade bracelet by the artisan. While R and his co worked talked shop and ordered food, I was observing the artist make his creation. Very cool. I got to pick my colour(s) and he custom made it for my hand size.

Pick a colour for the bracelet
Shaping the bracelet over coal
Insert metal bands to hold shape
Finished product!!
Restaurant Decor
Naan, Dal Makhai and Saag Paneer washed down with a Kingfisher!

Moving on to Chennai....

Thaali at RaajDhani-
 Thaali is a complete meal including appetizers, rotis, rice, a variety
of curries, dal, and dessert.  It was like a buffet except the waiters came to your table for free refills on anything!

Homemade dosai for breakfast, goes great with chilli powder or nutella, take your pick!

Humungous Mall at Chennai! When did Chennai become like this?

Fried Wontons at Cascade, an awesome Chinese joint in Besant Nagar.
Not much of a vegetable filling but made a great little appetizer.

Featured Holiday Special appetizer at Cascade
Water Chestnuts and Artichokies in a sesame soy sauce

Making a second appearance on my blog!!
Salad cups at Cascade Filled with rice, bean sprouts and carrots in a soy dressing

Vegetable Manchurian Balls- SPICY!!!!!! PHEW!!!

Boys will be Boys!

Another Family Tradition- Pizza hut takeout for the kids (and adults)
Toppings included paneer, and chilli peppers!

Uppu Elumechenga
 Preserved Lemons- goes great with yogurt rice, a south indian staple.

Pick your favourite magazine!

Onion Vethha Kozhambu
Comfort food at it's peak- spicy rich tamarind sauce simmered with baby onions.
Sure to clear up any troublesome sinuses.

Shepankazhangu Roast (or Shepu for short)
Pan fried Taro root seasoned with mustard seeds, tumeric and a bit of spice.

Hanging out in my grandmother's home.
There is a swing in the living room which is my favourite place to sit whenever I visit.
It's about a 100 years old, preserved from when the original building
was demolished and rebuilt into apartments.

Weighing scale that once belonged to a doctor
Amazingly antique! This is what we used to 
weigh our luggage!

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  1. hey! nice way to sum up your trip to motherland Deepa:)..I see the chaps in the thaali are almost the size of pooris eh !!lol ..
    and was that the mag shop at LUZ corner??
    ..couldn't help drooling over VK and shepppu tho';)


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