Sunday, April 17, 2011

Spoiling yourself while on vacation

Vacation is about stepping away from routine, indulging and basically doing what makes you happy. That's what a wise person once said and to live your life as if every day was your vacation. Anyway I digress.

One thing I look forward to while on vacation is not cooking every meal for myself. I love to cook for others but that is considered entertaining...;-) It was all about eating meals cooked by others-  restaurant chefs, mom, or generous aunty's. (You know who you are)

Deepa's Annual Indulgence. Nuff Said. 

Mediterranean Barley Salad

Masal Vadai - deep fried lentil cutlets

Vegetable Tikkis- typical snack in northern India made with beets, potatoes and spices

Channa Masala- side dish for Veggie Tikkis
Raw Vegan Almond Cheesecake at a trendy cafe in Calgary.

Better than Starbucks ;) - Caramel Coretto at Second Cup

                                                 Homemade Rava Dosai
Yam Fritters- not the most classic Thai appetizer but delish nonetheless

Calgary's Microbrewery- we got the sampler sizes. My favourite was the Raspberry Ale!

And no trip to Calgary is complete without a trip to the mountains. This year it was a day trip to stunning Lake Louise. It was a perfect day with temperatures in the high 40s and the sun shining brightly. The snow was fresh. The view was well worth the drive. See for yourself.


  1. looks like some yummy food from vacation - have to indulge when you can

  2. it sure was. I'm shocked the scale didn't move up!


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