Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Peaches N 'Cream

I made this last week when I nearly forgot about a  half dozen peaches that I had bought. Summer gets me excited about berries and cherries, but peaches... meh,  notsumuch.

I went hunting online for easy desserts involving peaches but most of them led me to some sort of a cobbler recipe. I was NOT turning on the oven for 40 minutes to enjoy a cobbler. I turned to my running forum for advice and lo and behold, the forum delivered. :-)

This is one of the EASIEST desserts. ever.

Sautee up some fresh peaches in a Tbsp of butter and let them caramelize. The peaches don't have to be ripe.  This caramelization takes around 15 minutes. Add a Tbsp or two of sugar if you want extra sweetness.

Serve with vanilla icecream. Oh. So. Good. Drizzle with chocolate syrup if you wish. Be creative!

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