Thursday, June 17, 2010

Vacation time!

In 2 days, I'm headed to Calgary to visit my parents for a month. I plan to relax, hang out, meet up with friends, potentially shop :P, eat mom's cooking like I never have and cook some meals for them too :) Lasagna, quesedillas etc. I need to blog about  my lasagna and the story that goes with it.  During the summer time, in Calgary, for a very short period, lychees go on sale for like $2/lb or even cheaper. Yummy sweet , fresh, lychees.  I hope that time has not passed.

Things are rolling along. Our contractor has been coming in everyday to work on the house. As of now, we're through with insulation. Waiting for framing inspection to happen. Once that's done, the sheetrock/drywall goes up, then painting, electrical and everything else. Few more weeks. We've picked out counters, flooring and everything else. I'm not posting any more details about it, you just gotta wait till the end and then there will be pictures, I promise. :) Heck I probably won't get updates from R unless he decides to take pictures or  will he make me wait till I come see everything in person?

It's hot as heck here with temperatures well into the mid-90s (30+ C) - hot and humid. But I'm headed north where it's at least 20 degrees cooler. But there will be mountains. :)

Till then I'll leave you with these....

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