Thursday, June 3, 2010

Progress is a good thing :)

It's been a month since that day.

A lot has happened since. In a way I am slowly getting into a "routine" of living upstairs.  We have picked a general contractor who will be taking care of the majority of the rebuild. There are SO many parts to the whole rebuild - it's an educational process. I never knew how many sheets of drywall it would take to rebuild till recently. Nor did I have a clue how what a float stick (in the air conditioning unit in the attic) does.

We've got a few components figured out- the cabinets have been ordered (I managed to find the maker of the existing ones, so I just ordered the lower), appliances picked out and we think we know what kind of flooring we want. The jury is still out on paint colour. Something interesting though. :-)

We've gotten so much help from family and friends (real life and "imaginary") we are so lucky.

I'm headed to my parent's later on this month for a few weeks. DH will join me later for a few days. I'm uber excited about seeing them and meeting up with friends and of course seeing the lovely and grand Canadian Rockies.  And I will get to celebrate Canada Day in Canada. Now that rocks!

Homemade dinner this evening in my makeshift kitchenette-

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