Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Palak Paneer

This or one of its close cousins the saag paneer, is one of those dishes that makes its way to any menu in an Indian restaurant. You can make your own paneer or use pre-made. 


-  2 bunches fresh spinach, washed and roughly chopped
-  1 small onion diced
-  1 clove garlic minced
-  1tsp ginger minced
-  1Tbsp garam masala
-  2 tomatoes, cut in large chunks
-  500gm paneer cut into small cubes


1.  In 1 Tbsp vegetable oil, shallow fry the paneer and set on a paper towel to drain. You don't need to brown it on all sides as it results in a tough texture.

2.  Add another Tbsp of oil and sautee the onions, ginger, garlic, garam masala till the onions are soft. Add the tomatoes and continue to cook on medium heat for another 10 minutes. 

3.  Toss in the spinach and let it wilt. Cook uncovered for 5-10 minutes. Season with salt.

4.  When the spices are nicely mixed in with the spinach, give the whole thing a good mix with a stick blender. Or you could blend in batches.  I don't like the pureed consistency, so I roughly pulse it a few times. 

5.  Add the paneer to the dish and let it simmer on low for a few minutes. You may need to add a bit of water if the blended mixture is too thick.

6.  Serve with warm rotis or over basmati rice.

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