Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Mango Lime Sorbet

One fine day, this recipe appeared in my inbox courtesy Vegetarian Times.  As some of you may know, dessert is not really my calling but I was totally fascinated with the idea of making my own sorbet and what better time to experiment when it's just beginning to get warm outside.. so I can perfect my recipe in time for summer. Right?  And the commercials on the local Indian Radio Station about the latest arrival of sweet mangoes were taunting me.  After all, I learnt in grade 1 that mangoes are the king of all fruit. So, why not make sorbet in its honor?

In India when I was little, my grandfather used to bring home the ripest mangoes during mango season. And if I was the only kid in the house at the time (meaning no cousins), I was lucky.. the pit was mine. Sucking the pulp out of that slimy pit was something else.  And if there were others competing for the pit, well, let's just say the strongest survived- LOL.

The original recipe uses frozen mango but in all honesty, frozen fruit just sounds blech to me, no matter what. Fruit is meant to be fresh. No buts. And in the summer I'm a fresh fruit fanatic.  A quick bit of research revealed I didn't need a sorbet maker or anything. Just a shallow freezer safe glass dish and some patience.  Ridiculously easy to put together.

-  2 cups mango cut into little chunks
-  1/4 cup agave nectar
-  4 Tbsp freshly squeezed lime juice


Place mango chunks in blender or food processor, and purée with agave nectar and lime juice. Transfer to shallow glass or metal bowl, and place in freezer. Freeze 30 minutes. Stir purée with fork every 30 minutes until ready to serve.

The stirring is very important so the puree doesn't crystallize and turn into a mango ice block.

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