Monday, January 6, 2014

Veggie Pasta Frittata

So one evening I sat on the couch (ok not really but...) thinking about dinner menu and i was literally sick of the same options night after night. PAsta. nope. Rice- nope. Chapattis and sabji- nope. Quesedillas- nope. Dosai- nope. Pizza takeout- nope.............

Anyway I've eaten eggs for dinner before and it always left me feeling hungry by the time I went to bed. So I wanted carbs.. I love carbs- in moderation. I think they're very important and my body screams in pain if I go without carbs at least at dinner time. So I did what anyone in need of cooking inspiration does... I googled. And came across a recipe by Giada on foodnetworks website.. about pasta and veggie frittata.


It's really so simple you don't even need a recipe. This is what I did.

I mixed the egg batter - 4 eggs, chopped veggies (zuchini, mushrooms, frozen broccoli.. you can add anything you like). Then add a cup of cooked pasta to the egg mixture and cook the whole thing on a large large skillet. Add as much or as little cheese as you'd like. I added a mixture of mozzerella/parmesan but cheddar would taste great too. Or Gruyere.  Just as the eggs start to cook, throw the skillet in a 350F even for 15 minutes and allow it to finish cooking.

It's simple easy and covers all basic food groups. :)

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